Privacy Policy

This page provides data about the Privacy Policy of the resource, and about whom it concerns. Its target audience is our readers, for whom we provide a full range of info services associated with the activities of gambling operators from the USA. This policy touches a number of areas that relate to user privacy. It describes the obligations and requirements for readers, the site and the owners of the resource. Additionally, the document discloses information about how we gather, process, store and protect user confidential details.


You should be aware that we utilize cookies on our resource. These are special text files that allow us to compile information about reader preferences while using the resource. This means that we track which pages and cells are visited most often and which manuals and articles are most frequently read. The collected layer of information is used by us to enhance the level of our offerings.

Note that the first time you visit our portal, you will receive a notification that we use cookies. This is a legal requirement that websites are required to warn users about the use of such files and their purpose. You are allowed to refuse cookies to amass data about you while utilizing the services of the portal.

How We Use the Collected Data

Each of our readers can be sure that we utilize his or her confidential details only within the framework of legislation. Typically this happens in these situations:

  • When you grant us your permission to use the data within the framework of the law;
  • To provide you with the prime quality services;
  • In order to be able to reach you and answer to the request sent by email or internal feedback form;
  • To support you with the difficulties of utilizing the site; 
  • To notify readers about the services, their updates or changes;
  • To amass details for the purpose of their subsequent utilization for analytical goals;
  • To test changes in our services and then make upgrades to their functionality;
  • For establishing effective communication with readers;
  • To fulfill our obligations to the law.

This way you can see that your data is not being utilized for illegal purposes.

Measures to Defend User Details

Our editorial staff takes the necessary measures to defend the reader data that we compile, handle, and store. For this purpose, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies that meet the gold standard of the industry. This includes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

We have made all necessary efforts to ensure that we can easily confirm our innocence in the leak of user data. If required by law, the relevant info will be transmitted to the responsible authorities.

Changing and Removing Information

Our team values the privacy of readers’ data, so we are ready to change or delete it upon your request sent via any of the communication channels presented on the site. We will not delete only those data that we are required to store in accordance with the law. The storage period of information depends on a number of parameters: the volume, nature and sensitivity of the collected data. 

  • Each of our readers has these rights regarding his or her private details: 
  • Request for access to sensitive data;
  • Request to delete it;
  • Request to make edits to the data;
  • Data transfer request;
  • Request to prohibit data transmission;
  • The ability to withdraw consent to actions with your data;
  • Objection to the handle of details.

Utilize the communication channels with us to exercise any of the above rights. Note that we have the right to request additional data from you in order to confirm your identity and, accordingly, the fact that you have grounds to access the info. This is a security measure designed to defend the interests of users.

Communication with Us

The About us page contains communication channels with the editorial staff of our site. You will be able to utilize e-mail and an internal feedback form for these purposes. Communication channels are designed to receive feedback from users. You can send us your comments or suggestions on the site. Note that according to our Privacy Policy, we amass sender data. All additional details about yourself that you provide to us is stored securely on a server that is inaccessible to 3rd parties. This information can be employed in the future if necessary, or will never be employed. Please note that we are not accountable for data leakage if it occurred on your part, due to, say, infection of the gadget with viruses.

We utilize knowledge about readers in two ways. Firstly, it helps us to provide you with top tier services. Secondly, we utilize the data obtained to provide you with answers to your Qs. This applies, among other things, to providing you with info on a mailing list, but only if you have approved such an email newsletter program.

Social Media

You may notice that our portal has official channels in popular social networks. The current Privacy Policy also applies to our actions to collect, process, store and defend data in these channels. But, in addition to this, we are guided by the T&Cs of social networks.

We strongly recommend our readers to utilize their personal data in social messengers and networks thoughtfully. We are not accountable for the fact that you can put credentials or other sensitive info in the public domain, and another subscriber of our communities will have access to it. If you want to reach us, please write to us in private messages or use the above communication paths. We will never ask our subscribers for personal or sensitive information through social networks.

Each subscriber has the opportunity to unsubscribe from our automatic mailing list at any time. Detailed information about this is provided at the bottom of each letter.