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On this page you can find craps rules for dummies. As you have already understood, the manual is dedicated to one of the most unique and fascinating gambling amusements. If you’ve ever heard of craps or seen a table for this game in Hollywood movies, then you understand a little what it’s about. Our task is to tell you about this title in as much detail as possible. We hope that the information we share with you will help you become a successful punter, striving for victories in US online casinos

Essence of Craps 

Craps is a renowned amusement, the results of which depend on luck. You’ve probably seen this game in one of the Hollywood movies, where several people gather near the table in an offline casino, and the hero rolls the dice. 

As you can already understand, the result and, accordingly, the winning or not winning of the punter depends on the roll of the dice. Unlike offline casinos on gambling portals, the result of a dice roll is defined by a Random Number Generator. Here are a few nuances that you should know: 

  • The gameplay is organized on a specially lined craps casino table, which has the designations of various stakes;
  • Each game session consists of a qualification (Come-out roll) and a main stage (Point);
  • The throw is carried out by a pair of hexagonal dice numbered from 1 to 6;
  • After the roll, the two numbers that fall out are summed up, which results in a number from 2 to 12;
  • In each modification of Craps casino game there are limits on the size of the bet;
  • An impressive selection of bets is available to participants (we will talk about this below), which allows them, for lack of an opportunity to influence the result, to influence the size of the potential winnings;
  • Craps can be enjoyed both against the computer and against a real dealer. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of this amusement, it’s time to move on to the paragraph about the kinds of stakes. 

Kinds of Stakes 

One of the features of craps casino game is the availability of many options for staking. In the Internet modification, the punter makes each of them independently, whereas in land-based gambling establishments, the croupier makes part of the stakes for the gamer. Please look at our table. 

Kind of stakeDescriptionPayout oddsHouse edge
Pass LineA win if 7 or 11 rolled, a loss if 2, 3 or 12 rolled1 to 11.41%
Don’t Pass LineA win if 2 or 3 rolled, a loss if 7 or 11 rolled1 to 11.36%
ComeSimilar to Pass Line bet but after the point has been established1 to 11.41%
Don’t ComeSimilar to Come bet but you win if 2 or 3 rolled, and lose if 7 or 11 rolled1 to 11.36%
FieldA win if 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 rolled, a loss if 5, 6, 7 or 8 rolled. Double payout on a 2, ant triple with 122 to 1 for 2 and 12; 1 to 1 for others5.5%
PlaceA wager (most often after the point is set) that 4 or 10 will fall out before 79 to 56.7%
PlaceA wager (most often after the point is set) that 5 or 9 will fall out before 77 to 54%
PlaceA wager (most often after the point is set) that 6 or 8 will fall out before 77 to 61.52%
BuyA wager that 4 or 10 will fall out before 72 to 14.76%
BuyA wager that 5 or 9 will fall out before 73 to 24.76%
BuyA wager that 6 or 8 will fall out before 76 to 54.76%
Big Six, Big EightYou can make this stake at any time of the game on the fact that 6 or 8 will fall before 71 to 19%
HardwaysThe bet is that both dice that fall before the number 7 will be with the same numbers9 to 1 on 6 or 8; 7 to 1 on 4 or 109.09% on 6 or 8; 11.11% on 4 or 10
Any 7Wager on the next roll of the dice that a certain number will fall out4 to 116.9%
Any Craps (2, 3 or 12)Wager on the next roll of the dice that a certain number will fall out7 to 111.1%
2 or 12Wager on the next roll of the dice that a certain number will fall out30 to 113.9%
3 or 11Wager on the next roll of the dice that a certain number will fall out15 to 111.11%

Come-Out Roll 

Come-Out Roll is the debut roll of the dice after the start of the gaming session. If you made a Pass stake, and after this roll 7 or 11 fell out, then you will be victorious. If you made a Don’t Pass wager, and 7 or 11 fell out, then you will lose. And vice versa. If you made a Pass stake and 2, 3 or 12 fell out, then you will lose, and if you Don’t Pass wager, you will win. 

Odds to Win 

If you want to enjoy craps casino game and have a good chance of winning, you should be well versed in the success rates of a particular bet. Despite the fact that we are speaking about amusement, in which the result depends on luck, a punter can reduce the chances of losing if he or she makes low-risk stakes. Below you can peruse the probability of a particular combination of dice appearing during a gaming session. 

Dice RollComboProbability
105+5 or 6+48.33%
95+4 or 6+311.11%
85+3, 4+4 or 6+213.89%
75+2, 4+3 or 6+116.66%
61+5, 3+3 or 4+213.89%
52+3 or 4+111.11%
42+2 or 3+18.33%

Demo Modification 

If you are interested in learning craps, then you will be glad to know that in many online casinos that legally provide their services in the United States, this game is accessible in a demo (fun, practice) modification. This means that you do not need to transfer funds to enjoy it. The training mode is suitable for rookies who want to understand the nuances of amusement. It is also actively utilized by gamblers who want to work out game strategies that maximize the chances of winning. 

Tips for Searching the Online Casino 

To enjoy craps gamble amusement, you need to pick a portal from among those that legally provide their services in the United States. There are quite a lot of such brands, and there are top operators among them. If you want, you can utilize our recommendations and save yourself time. Otherwise, you will need to follow several crucial steps to select a reliable online casino. These are the steps: 

Step 1. Make a shortlist of licensed operators. The presence of a license means that the firm works legally and complies with the rules of the industry and local legislation;

Step 2. Check the reputation of the casino. Punter feedback will help you with this, as well as publications on specialized forums and review portals;

Step 3. Find out how the platform is defended. Information about this is presented in a number of cells in the footer of the site. You need to know how players’ data is encrypted to be sure that fraudsters will not get access to them;

Step 4. Take a look at the lobby. If you are interested in craps casino game, then find out if it is an amusement in the firm’s portfolio. We also advise to see if a practice mode is offered;

Step 5. Check out the range of bonuses. This is necessary to understand what incentives fresh and regular clients can count on. Perhaps some kind of promotion is intended for fans of craps;

Step 6. Peruse the pool of payment tools. You will need money on your balance so that you can claim big winnings. After registration, transfer funds to finance your gaming activities;

Step 7. Find communication channels with support agents. You should know how to reach the consultants if you have questions or problems in the process of utilizing the site. 

Having successfully completed these preparatory steps, you will be able to pick a superb gambling destination to enjoy the craps. 

How to Enjoy a Craps Casino Game? 

How to Enjoy a Craps Casino Game?

If by this time you have read our manual you have an irresistible desire to start playing craps, then you must perform several mandatory actions. Below we will tell you about them, as well as what to do after they are completed. 

Find a Trustable Casino 

This is the most important condition to fulfill. We strongly recommend that you spend a lot of time carefully picking a gambling site to which you will entrust your funds and personal information. We have told you in detail about how to do this above. If you do not want to search, then use our recommendations. All online casinos whose services we advise on our portal work legally and value their reputation. 

Make a Private Cabinet 

After successfully searching for a gambling portal that meets all your expectations, make a private cabinet. This is a one-time procedure that is allowed to adult residents of states where the activities of your picked Internet casino are legalized. In the process of filling out the registration form, provide the required personal and contact information, come up with a username and passcode, and also confirm your agreement with the terms and conditions of the portal. If everything was done correctly, the account will be activated in a matter of secs. 

Refill the Balance 

Next, you will need to transfer funds to the balance. Log in and open the Cashier. Pick the payment tool from the ones presented on the site, and transfer the funds. Most often, the range of options includes bank cards and transfers, e-wallets, mobile payment systems, and prepaid cards. Also, cryptocurrencies are often proposed to users. When choosing a method, pay attention to the limits, the speed of transactions and the issue of paying fees (whether it is necessary or not). 

Launch a Title 

Now you need to open the lobby and pick a variation of Craps. Typically, there are not very many of them in comparison with roulette or blackjack. Based on your preferences, launch a virtual RNG title or join a game with a real dealer if you want to plunge into the unique atmosphere of a real gambling establishment. 


By joining the game, make a stake to take part in the qualification. Follow the development of the gameplay, and try to control your budget so as not to waste it swiftly. Pay attention to staking with a more profitable house edge for punters. 

Grab Your Bucks 

If you manage to win cash, then you can immediately request their payout. To do this, proceed to the Cashier cell that is already familiar to you and press the Withdrawal tab. Pick the banking tool, indicate the amount and payment details, and then approve the transaction. Depending on the option, the rate of receipt of funds varies. Also keep in mind that before the debut withdrawal of funds, you may be asked to provide high-quality scans of documents confirming your identity. 

Tips for Enjoying Craps Gambling Amusement 

We could not call our craps for dummies manual complete if we did not provide you with some useful tips used by experienced punters from US: 

  • Learn the rules. You need to be well versed in the nuances if you want to enjoy craps well and claim big winnings;
  • Remember about house edge. Make stakes based on the size of the bankroll. A lower house edge is more favorable for punters, but bets with a high house edge can potentially bring a lot of bucks;
  • Control the budget. Form a bankroll, and utilize the money only from it, so as not to damage your financial position;
  • Strategies can be dangerous. In this title, unlike many other gambling amusements, staking systems carry increased risks. You can quickly burn your budget if, say, you increase the size of the bet after each loss;
  • Rest up. Gambling is not a marathon. Take regular breaks to restore concentration and emotions. This will save you from wasting money due to inattention;
  • Enjoy the process. Remember that gambling should be a way to have a great time, not an opportunity to earn. This will allow you to avoid the development of gambling addiction. 

These simple tips will help you get a positive experience. 

Final Words 

If you are tempted by unpredictable gameplay with numerous kinds of stakes and chances of winning, then craps is a superb choice for you. Many Internet casinos in the USA propose the chance to enjoy this eminent amusement, both in virtual and live modifications. We hope that our guide will help you easily figure out how to pick a trustable portal, and what you need to do to become a good punter in a craps casino game. 

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US Punters Inquire 

  • Is It Possible to Win at a Casino Dice Table? 

    Sure! Craps is one of the renowned amusements, whose participants have many chances to win. To do this, the rules of the game provide for placing various kinds of wagers, which ensures the uniqueness and uniqueness of each gaming session. 

  • What Bets Do I Need to Make to Be Guaranteed to Win At Craps? 

    No stake guarantees you a prize in Craps, cuz this title depends on luck. But, if you make stakes on don’t pass and don’t come, you will have a better chance of success. 

  • Can I Learn Craps for Free? 

    Yes, many Internet casinos legally operating in the territory of the American states provide an opportunity to enjoy this amusement in a training mode. Utilize it to figure out  the nuances of the rules. 

  • Crabs Gambling Game – Is It Legal? 

    If you use the services of a gambling operator that works under a license and values its reputation, then you have nothing to fear. Such portals cooperate with legal providers of iGaming content, so every game in their portfolio is authentic. 

  • Learning How to Play Craps – Is It Difficult? 

    Many gamblers bypass this title because they are scared by the look of the table in this game, but in fact it is very easy to figure out the rules.

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